Fort Myers Tattoo Shop

Articulture is the epitome of the ultimate tattoo and body art experience. Located in Fort Myers, Articulture offers the best tattoos and body piercing services in all of Florida, if not the entire world. We are the oldest tattoo parlor in South Florida accredited by the BBB.

One step into Articulture tattoo shop is all it takes to realize that you have entered an establishment with a high degree of sophistication and dignity. It is a clean, state of the art facility, complete with a comfortable, roomy and entertaining guest lounge that is equipped with Wi-Fi for the guests. There is even a pool table for those who want to play some eight ball.

The talented and gifted tattoo artists of Articulture are highly experienced, as they have each been delivering quality tattoo services for several years. We are the kind of tattoo parlor where other tattoo artists would like to come to get their body artwork done.

Thanks to the unique abilities of our skilled artists, we promote ourselves not only as a tattoo and body piercing shop, but an art gallery and art consignment store as well. We are dedicated to the finest art you can buy for hanging on your wall or tattooing on your body!

Open 10am-2am daily and 24 hours by appointment!

                                              ***TATTBUZZ Customs now offers custom art for all your design projects!***
                               Whether it's for home, business, auto, etc, we are here for all your custom art and design needs!
                                                                                   Including but not limited to:
                                                                                        -custom airbrushing
                                                                                              -vinyl cutting
                                                                                           -graphic design
business card design
                                                                                         -custom upholstery
                                                                                      -and much much more!

Custom upholstery by Orsini: 4th and 3rd generation master upholsterers. Auto, home, motorcycles, marine, restoration, etc.



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