Tattoo Parlors in Fort Myers

There are a number of tattoo Parlors in Fort Myers, but the premier tattoo establishment is worthy of a better title than simply “tattoo parlor.” It would almost be more fitting to call it a “body art gallery.”

It has only been in recent history that tattoos have started to be recognized as not just markings, but as a true art form. Before, the integration of art into the tattoo world was usually identified as performance art. The Spanish artist, Santiago Sierra, was a prime example of this in 2000 when he hired four prostitutes, and filmed them having simple black lines tattooed across their backs. Not unlike graffiti, today tattoos have become more than just cult art, but collectible art.

As proof of the latter paragraph, the Musée du Quai Branly, a prestigious art institution in Paris, is planning an exhibition in May of 2014 that will feature the artistic medium of tattooing. The display is to be called the “Tatoueurs, Tatoués,” or “Tattooists, Tattooed.” Internationally renowned tattoo artists will create the works of art specifically for the show.

One of the most shopped platforms for tattoo recipients has been the Internet. Those seeking amazing works of art have been going to the world wide web in search of designs, or at least ideas, of what may be the right piece of art work to adorn their bodies. This not only benefits the tattoo recipients, but the artists as well, placing their portfolios out for the world to see.

As is the case with contemporary art, questions about originality and copyright have emerged lately. There are those who feel as though their work should remain strictly theirs, and that not just anyone has the right to copy it. However, many tattoo artists look at being imitated as a true form of flattery. The issue comes into play when one tattoo artist copies another, then claims that the work is original.

Just as expensive artwork requires preservation measures be taken to keep it in its original condition, there have been skin preservation measures taken after the death of the bearer of a fine tattoo. Both the Wellcome Collection in London and the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum feature tattoo skins that have been cut from corpses and preserved. The Irish performance artist, Sandra Ann Vita Minchin, had a recreation of a 17th century painting by Jan Davidsz tattooed on her back. She has plans to have her skin preserved once she dies, and sold to the highest bidder at auction. This is one of many instances in which the tattoo does not die with the bearer. It is speculated by many in the industry that this practice of preserving tattoos posthumously is very likely to become quite common as the 20-year-olds of today enter their senior years.

No matter what you plan to do with your tattoo during life, or after death, you can be assured to get the best artwork available in the nation done right here at Articulture.

Articulture is a good example of what a tattoo shop should provide its customers. They are the only tattoo shop in Fort Myers that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they place customer service as top priority. The skilled artists at Articulture will sit with a client and help create a design for them that will put a smile on his or her face. Articulture knows that by looking out for the safety and satisfaction of their customers, they are paying tribute to the entire tattoo industry. What others may consider “raising the bar,” Articulture considers the norm.

Articulture Apologizes to Offended Tattoo Shops in Fort Myers

Articulture has issued an apology to some of the tattoo shops in Fort Myers that became offended at the recent radio commercial put out by Southern Florida’s premier tattoo shop. In the commercial, consumers were warned of unprofessional and inferior tattoo artists in the area. The reason for the radio spot was not to belittle or slander any particular business, but to bring to the attention of tattoo shop owners the fact that some of their artists were not looking out for the best interest of the customers and the industry reputation.

Articulture Founder, John Improta, explained that since opening the shop in Fort Myers, he has seen a lot of poor work being produced by some of the local artists. He said that not only did the tattoos lack creativity and style, but were applied using inferior methods, using no blending or shading. He added that this type of second-rate bodywork and lack of attention to details also leads to a danger of infection to the customers. These are things that Improta feels should just be automatic … part of a shop’s standard operating procedure.

Another thing that Improta claims is that many of these artists are applying tattoos on people that should be turned away. People who don’t know what they are doing, or who are completely naïve to the permanency of the procedure, should be turned away and given time to consider their decision. For instance, a young girl who comes into the shop on a whim, wanting the majority of her body covered in black ink, should not be serviced on that date. The body artist has a responsibility to sit with her and review the ramifications of what she is about to do. Improta emphasizes the importance of tattoo shops acting in a manner that will most benefit the client and the industry, not what will make the shop a quick dollar.

Improta takes great measures to assure that the tattoo artists employed by him are amongst the best in the nation, and feels like all tattoo establishments should follow suit. He believes many of the shops in the Fort Myers area should raise the qualification standards of their artists by providing better training and extensive critiquing of their work before allowing them to move forward as a fully qualified tattoo artist. He states that just passing the licensing test should not qualify anyone to start work immediately unless there has been a successful apprenticeship and a proof of abilities to the shop owners.

Articulture is a good example of what a tattoo shop should provide its customers. They are the only tattoo shop in Fort Myers that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they place customer service as top priority. The skilled artists at Articulture will sit with a client and help create a design for them that will put a smile on his or her face. Articulture knows that by looking out for the safety and satisfaction of the customers, they are paying tribute to the entire tattoo industry. What others may consider “raising the bar,” Articulture considers the norm.

Tattoo Parlors In Ft Myers are Not Created Equal

There are plenty of tattoo parlors in Ft Myers, but you only need one so you might as well find the best. Articulture Studio Z is a tattoo parlor that goes above and beyond the call of duty, not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations of each customer. Not only do we help our clients find the right design for the tattoo they want, we can also help them decide what the best placement is for their new body art.

While beautiful body art is a pleasure to behold, there are some establishments who don’t want to behold any tattoos, and will not tolerate any visible tats. For this reason, careful consideration should be taken when deciding just where your tattoo should appear … or not appear!

Neck and Face – One form of facial tattooing comes in the form of permanent makeup. Skilled artists can actually apply tattoos that become eyeliner, eyebrows or even lip liner. They relieve the recipient from having to constantly apply makeup. The tattoos last for ten to twenty years before having to be redone. There are other facial tattoos that can be placed on the inner lip, the eyeball, the eyelid or on the neck. There are also tattoos that can be applied on the scalp. Obviously these will not show properly if the wearer isn’t completely bald (either shaved or naturally).

Hands, Back and Shoulders – A very common location for a “first timer” tattoo recipient is on the shoulder. It is called a sleeve, and can vary greatly in size. Some of them extend all the way down to the hand. Depending on how extensive your sleeve is, this form of tattoo can be very time consuming and costly, but the final product can be a beautiful work of art. This type of tattoo would probably not be best suited for those working in an environment that doesn’t tolerate visible tattoos.

Legs and Feet – The tattoos that fade the quickest are those around ankles and legs. Because these are the areas that bear your entire body weight, water accumulates within that area and flushes out the color pigments in the tattoo ink. Beside the fact that the foot is a very sensitive area, it can also be a very visible area as well, especially if sandals or flip-flops are worn.

Side of the Body, Ribcage – These are very thin skinned, sensitive areas of the body. For this reason, they tend to be a little more painful. Nevertheless, these are good locations for those who want a tattoo but do not want to show it off to the world.

Hip and Stomach – Not only are these tattoo areas a little less painful than the others; they are also much easier to hide. This hiding factor prevents accidental “revealing” of the body art. For a woman it is important to consider that the lower abdomen is subject to stretch marks should she become pregnant. While not always the case, stretch marks can mutilate the original design of an abdominal tattoo.

Let one of the most successful tattoo parlors in Ft Myers help you decide where the best place to get a tattoo on your body would be . You can give them a call, or look them up at

Articulture Presents a Few Reasons to Get a Tattoo

Articulture Studio Z wants to present a few reasons why people go to Tattoo shops in Fort Myers to get a tattoo. It is a big commitment to have an artist place a work of art on your body, as it will be there for a very long time. So one must carefully consider the reason he or she wants to get a tattoo. Knowing this, deciding on the final design will be much easier.

When someone gets a tattoo, it is much more meaningful if there is a particular line of reasoning when they do it. If it is made with a clear mind, and with a purpose in mind, chances are that they won’t ever regret the tattoo and want to have it removed or covered later.

Appearance: Some people get a tattoo simply to decorate their body. There is nothing wrong with this, but careful consideration and contemplation should be made to assure that it is a design that will compliment your body in a way that will be pleasing to you for a lifetime. Make sure to get a design that you interpret as beauty. The artists at Studio Z will assist you in finding, or designing something that you find attractive, and that you would like to show to the world.

Family: Perhaps you want to celebrate the birth of your child, or show your family the love you have for them by placing names or portraits on your body. This is a way of displaying your devotion to your loved ones in a way that stands out and conveys your feelings for them. It says that you are with them and they are with you always.

In Memoriam: Some people get tattoos when they lose a loved one to death. They feel that by doing so, they keep the memory of him or her alive forever. Many get tattoos to show their devotion and their remorse to the departed, and to honor their memory. These tattoos can be in the form of special text, a portrait, a symbol that had special meaning to the deceased, or a combination of any of these. By memorializing a loved one through a tattoo, you will always carry their memory outwardly, as well as inwardly. There are those who get tattoos of people who have passed on that they didn’t even know, yet admired greatly for what they stood for.

Life Events: There may be a special event that has occurred in your life that you want to commemorate forever. Perhaps you want to get a tattoo in celebration of your wedding, or in recognition of a huge accomplishment that you or a loved one made in life. It could be a design regarding a hobby or a sport that you have accelerated in, or it may be a huge event that you attended. There are things that occur in life that we want to remember forever, or that we are very proud of that we consider worthy of body art.

Spirituality: Perhaps you feel very strongly about a religious status, or about a principle that is brought about by your religious convictions. For instance, many Christians get tattoos involving a cross. Many spiritual beliefs come with symbols of representation that one may want to convey to the world. Some feel that they are proving their dedication by getting a permanent reminder of who they are spiritually, and what they stand for.

While these are certainly not the only reasons people get tattoos, they are all common, legitimate reasons that convince people to decorate their body with something that they believe or stand for. Of all the tattoo shops in Fort Myers, Articulture Studio Z is where you will find talented artists who understand your desires, and can make them a reality by helping you create a design or providing you with ideas, then applying them to your body.

Articulture Studio Z Makes “All You Can Sit” Deal Available

Fort Meyers tattoo shop Articulture Studio Z is the leading tattoo and body piercing shop in the state of Florida. They continually search for innovative ways to better their unprecedented customer service by offering specials to their present and potential clients. They now offer their newest special called the “All You Can Sit” deal. It enables clients to get large tattoos or large tattoo cover jobs for one price, as long as they can sit in one session, for only $399. When compared to the cost of standard pricing, it is an incredible deal. Clients may save 90% by taking advantage of this special.

There are people that cannot get the tattoos they have always wanted because the price is prohibitive. This dilemma is eliminated with the All You Can Sit deal. They can get the artwork they want, and will not have to shop for the best price, because they will not find a better deal. Larger tattoos and cover up jobs become an affordable option.

At Articulture Studio Z we don’t want our potential customers patronizing small, unsanitary shops just to save some money. Nor do we want them having tattoo parties where they have an unqualified artist come to their home to do cheap tattoos for the attendees. This is not only risky, but also completely unsanitary. The All You Can Sit deal offers potential clients the opportunity to come to a clean, sanitary state-of-the-art shop to get their body art done at a price they can afford. We trust that by having our clients walk around proudly showing their new tattoos, that others will recognize the value and convenience of Articulture Studio Z and come see us.

From time to time someone gets a tattoo that they wish they could change, or perhaps their tattoo was applied by someone who did less than a stellar job. Articulture Studio Z can make lemonade from those lemons and create a beautiful work of art to cover the unwanted tattoo. What better way to do this than with the All You Can Sit deal?

If it’s tattoo application or tattoo cover up, it is a great deal. Those who have already participated in this special pricing have been grateful and pleasantly surprised at the amount of service they have gotten for such a small fee.