Tattoo Cover Ups – Think Before You Ink!

Cover up process from start to finish.

            Cover up process from start to finish.

Think before you ink. It’s a common expression here in the tattoo industry but it’s also sound advice. There are so many people who do not think before committing themselves to something permanent on their bodies. All to often we see men and women with regrettable tattoos. They were intoxicated, or didn’t research the meaning of a symbol, were very young, perhaps it is an ex loved ones name. No matter the reason, they are now stuck with a tattoo they no longer desire to have on their bodies.

An alarming percentage of tattoo cover ups come from individuals who made the ultimate mistake and got a tattoo from someone who runs them from home. Non professional tattoos create a number of health risks. Most people don’t realize the dangers or most common mistakes made by a unlicensed “tattooer”  during a home tattoo. If they were aware of just how terribly wrong it could go, no one would ever get a tattoo out of someone’s dirty kitchen or basement. Bacteria, cross contamination, and infection IE: AIDS, HEP B are just a few of the hazards when receiving a tattoo from home. Should an infection arise, you’ll have no recourse because a home tattooer or “scratcher” wont have any records considering what he/she is doing is about 10 kinds of ILLEGAL. The very best scenario in this situation is you don’t like the “new and cheap tattoo” and realize at some point WILL need to be covered up!!

Harley cover up

                          Harley cover up

When this happens, there are basically two options, either an expensive laser removal session(s) or a tattoo cover up. Covering a tattoo can sometimes be a challenge depending on the size, location, and design. It is important that you spend some time and really think about the tattoo you are wanting to get. Coming up with an original tattoo idea is essential in creating a piece that is custom for you. If you are having difficulties creating your custom piece, talk with your artist. They are excellent at devising  pieces of body art personalized to their clients vision. Custom tattoos can a bit more expensive, however it is far more expensive having to cover up a poorly done tattoo, or go through the painful laser removal process.

The Best of the Ft Myers Tattoo Shops

Of all the Ft Myers tattoo shops, Articulture Studio Z stands out as the crème de la crème. Specializing in body art and body piercing, Articulture is the type of shop in which other tattoo artists like to come to get their work done.

Here are four important steps to getting a tattoo:

Do Your Homework: In order to know that you are going to get a quality tattoo, you must do some research to determine which shop you trust to do the work, and which artist you feel most comfortable with. It is important to know that the artist that will be marking your body with a permanent design is well trained, experienced and exercises a great degree of professionalism. Just because people call themselves tattoo artists does not make them good … or great. Anyone can open a shop and call himself or herself an artist, but like most things, “the proof is in the pudding!” An online search can help you find the shop and artist you seek. Look at the reviews posted online of those who have gone before you. See what they have to say about the work they received and if they are still pleased. Most shops have a portfolio of each of the artists working there … review them and study their work. Look at photos of people who have received tattoos from them (preferably healed) to see what they look like once the work is done. Make sure that the artist’s work is consistent. Remember that you are placing the beauty of your new body art in the hands of one person; it better be someone you trust.

Don’t Go With the Best Price: Purchasing tattoo services are not like purchasing a new shirt. We are talking about permanency; so don’t just choose the artist that will charge you the least amount of money. If you were buying something like a shirt, you would look for the best bargain. However, you can always take the shirt back if it doesn’t suit you, or even discard it if you get tired of it. Tattoos are a different story; once they are applied, they are staying for the long haul. You must be willing to pay the price it takes to get quality work from a quality tattoo artist.

Visit the Shop: Once you decide which artist you would like to use, visit the shop and look over the conditions. It should be clean and sanitary. You should see a display of the artist’s work. Feel free to ask questions of the people that work there. If they do not take time to inform you of what you need to know, go elsewhere! When you visit a shop like Articulture, you will instantly know that you have entered an establishment of integrity and class, as opposed to other, less desirable shops that would send you running with dread.

Carefully Consider the Design: Make sure that the design you have in mind is going to suit you for the rest of your life. Sometimes it is a very bad idea to place a lover’s name on your body because, heaven forbid you should break up, you could really regret carrying around his or her name on your abdomen for the rest of your life. Also, political statement tattoos may be a bad idea, as opinions can change as you go down life’s road. Even the face of a celebrity is probably risky, just in case you have a particular issue with one of the characters he or she plays. You should select a design that has special meaning to you; something that pleases you and that you would be proud to show others.

Articulture Studio Z is a Fort Myers tattoo parlor that has gone over and above the call of duty when it comes to helping people with their body art and piercing. We employ some of the best and most experienced artists and body piercers in the nation. We strive harder to be the best of the best when compared to other Ft Myers tattoo shops. To learn more, visit us at

Ft Myers Tattoo Shop Suggests Proper Preparation

If you are in Florida and looking for quality tattoos in Ft Meyers, make sure to choose wisely, as there is only one that stands out above all the others. Articulture Studio Z is a state-of-the-art Ft. Myers tattoo parlor that goes way beyond the norm to make their clients comfortable and relaxed.

Aside from choosing the right Ft Myers tattoo establishment, there are a few other preparations one must make to assure a pleasurable experience as your new body art comes to life. For instance, find a design for your new tattoo that will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure…something that has personal meaning to you. Designs can be found on websites dedicated to helping those searching for new body art. Also, tattoo shops all have portfolios you can browse through to get ideas on what you might like to have applied on your body. Perhaps you want to design your own original art. If that is the case, our talented experienced artists at Articulture can help you make your ideas become a reality. Designs, colors and tattoo locations on the body must be determined before the process can begin.

Once you have all the preliminary decisions made, there are preparations for you to make on the day you’re going in to the shop. You will be sitting rather still for a long time as your body art is applied. Also, you may be in varying degrees of pain during the process, and while it is happening, you need to be able to sustain one position. You may have what seems to be an irresistible desire to move around, but it is necessary for the success of the tattoo to remain still and let the artist do his or her work. For this reason, it is important to eat a good nourishing meal before you get to the shop, and to be well rested. Being tired or fatigued will not help you stay more still, it will actually lead to more wriggling. By having a light, healthy meal before getting your tattoo, it will help keep you from getting light headed or dizzy when the needle starts pricking the skin. Try not to eat anything heavy or greasy that would upset your stomach before the tattoo, so that you can remain comfortable during the work.

It is also a good idea to drink plenty of water in order to stay well hydrated. Stay away from alcohol or caffeine, as it can make you fidgety and cause more trips to the bathroom. It can also make your tattoo experience more painful. Many tattoo shops will not work on someone that appears to be intoxicated. Also, being drunk will cause more bleeding, as it thins the blood. Needless to say, drugs should not be ingested before getting a tattoo. Marijuana or painkillers can actually complicate the process rather than help it.

If you are shopping around for great tattoos, Ft Meyers is the best place you could be, and Articulture Studio Z is the best shop you could be in. In order to learn more about how to prepare for getting a tattoo, visit us at