Fort Myers Tattoo Shop Offers Permanent Makeup Information

Articulture is the premier Fort Myers tattoo shop, offering the latest and greatest tattoo techniques to their customers. Lately, many have asked about permanent makeup, and what it’s all about. Articulture does not yet offer the service, but provides some information on a service that they may be offering in the future.

In today’s “hurry up” world, we do anything we can to expedite any process. It is as though saving time has become an obsession with our country. How often do you get impatient if your computer takes a few extra seconds to process something? When we are in a hurry, how frustrating is it that a red light seemingly keeps us stopped for what we perceive as an eternity? We have become lovers of the “fast and easy” lifestyle. Permanent makeup is just another way to save minutes and decrease the preparation time to getting ready in the mornings, so it’s no wonder why make up wearers are clambering to become a part of the permanent makeup movement.

Permanent makeup is actually a well-placed and properly colored tattoo that gives the impression that you are always wearing makeup. The pigment is applied by the technician with a tattoo needle. After time, you may wish to return to get it touched up and brightened. When you visit an establishment that provides permanent makeup, you can choose whatever color you want your makeup to be, and the tattoo artist will draw on the areas on your skin that will be pigmented. The color ink is then applied to the area with a hollow needle. The ink is not placed deep into the skin; it remains in the top layers only, however it can sting a little, just as conventional tattoos sting when being applied. The pigment will not appear as the color you selected for about three weeks, until it has faded to the right shade.

Another name for permanent makeup is micropigmentation. It has become a specialized service in the makeup industry, as well as the tattoo industry. This field is expanding as demand grows greater. Not only is it a boon to those wishing to save time, but for those who have medical issues that keep their hands from functioning properly, such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis. Others who have issues with eyesight no longer have to wonder if they applied their makeup correctly. Those who get it never have to worry about their makeup smudging after swimming, or after crying, or even after working out.

Aside from the conventional makeup application, there are other uses for permanent makeup. For instance, breast cancer patients who undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomies can have nipples applied with the tattoo methods. Those who lose their hair may wish to have eyebrows applied permanently, or those who have lip scars can have the lip color smoothed out with the tattoo method.

Anyone considering getting permanent makeup applied should consider a few other factors. While it is very handy and saves time, you lose the ability to vary the color of eyeliner you wear, or other features, and tattoo removal can be very difficult, so it’s important to be very confident of exactly what you want.