Tattoo Parlors In Ft Myers are Not Created Equal

There are plenty of tattoo parlors in Ft Myers, but you only need one so you might as well find the best. Articulture Studio Z is a tattoo parlor that goes above and beyond the call of duty, not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations of each customer. Not only do we help our clients find the right design for the tattoo they want, we can also help them decide what the best placement is for their new body art.

While beautiful body art is a pleasure to behold, there are some establishments who don’t want to behold any tattoos, and will not tolerate any visible tats. For this reason, careful consideration should be taken when deciding just where your tattoo should appear … or not appear!

Neck and Face – One form of facial tattooing comes in the form of permanent makeup. Skilled artists can actually apply tattoos that become eyeliner, eyebrows or even lip liner. They relieve the recipient from having to constantly apply makeup. The tattoos last for ten to twenty years before having to be redone. There are other facial tattoos that can be placed on the inner lip, the eyeball, the eyelid or on the neck. There are also tattoos that can be applied on the scalp. Obviously these will not show properly if the wearer isn’t completely bald (either shaved or naturally).

Hands, Back and Shoulders – A very common location for a “first timer” tattoo recipient is on the shoulder. It is called a sleeve, and can vary greatly in size. Some of them extend all the way down to the hand. Depending on how extensive your sleeve is, this form of tattoo can be very time consuming and costly, but the final product can be a beautiful work of art. This type of tattoo would probably not be best suited for those working in an environment that doesn’t tolerate visible tattoos.

Legs and Feet – The tattoos that fade the quickest are those around ankles and legs. Because these are the areas that bear your entire body weight, water accumulates within that area and flushes out the color pigments in the tattoo ink. Beside the fact that the foot is a very sensitive area, it can also be a very visible area as well, especially if sandals or flip-flops are worn.

Side of the Body, Ribcage – These are very thin skinned, sensitive areas of the body. For this reason, they tend to be a little more painful. Nevertheless, these are good locations for those who want a tattoo but do not want to show it off to the world.

Hip and Stomach – Not only are these tattoo areas a little less painful than the others; they are also much easier to hide. This hiding factor prevents accidental “revealing” of the body art. For a woman it is important to consider that the lower abdomen is subject to stretch marks should she become pregnant. While not always the case, stretch marks can mutilate the original design of an abdominal tattoo.

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