Tattoo Shops In Ft Myers Florida Offers Body Piercing Too

There are many tattoo shops in Ft. Myers Florida, but only one of them can offer the clean, comfortable atmosphere that Articulture Studio Z offers. Articulture is a one-of-a-kind tattoo parlor that is set in a lounge-like atmosphere, offering Wi-Fi, billiards, and even a music venue for live performances from time to time.

While Articulture is referred to as a tattoo shop, that is an understatement, as they also offer quality body-piercing services that are performed right on location.

Body piercing has become extremely popular over the last few decades. Obviously, the most common place to be pierced is the ears. It is estimated that approximately 90% of women have their ears pierced, some as young as infants. The figures are not quite as high with men, who number about 40% with ear piercings. Most body piercings have carried a stigma of being abnormal, or taboo, but ear piercings do not carry such a reputation. This type of piercing has been accepted for centuries, both for men and women.

Next to ears, the second-most common place for people to get pierced is the “belly button.” Approximately one third of the population in the U.S. has a naval piercing, most of them female. This type of piercing, unlike many others, does not normally reject, especially if high-quality body jewelry is used. A naval piercing usually heals in less than six months, and usually does so without complications as long as it is cared for properly. When someone gets a naval piercing, it is not actually the naval that is pierced; it is just above the belly button in the upper rim. The fact that a naval piercing is easy to hide with clothing, even during the period of healing, has helped to make it such a popular choice for those wanting body piercings.

Another popular type of body piercing is done in the nose. Approximately one quarter of the nation’s population has some type of nose piercing. This category of piercing heals within about two months with proper care. Not all nose piercings come in the form of “nose rings,” although it is a popular choice. The nose rings come in the form of circular barbells, loops or hoops. Another form of nose piercing jewelry is what is referred to as bones, pins or studs. This is a short piece of jewelry that has a small bead or jewel that sits on the outside of the nostril. Most pieces of jewelry that go in the nose do not have a conventional backing, rather they just have a straight post that ends with a larger bead on the inside of the nostril.

While not available in all the tattoo shops in Ft Myers Florida, whatever type of piercing you may want to get is available at Articulture Studio Z, along with a wide assortment of body jewelry to choose from. You can rest assured that we use only the finest jewelry available, all made of the least rejected materials. Our shop, as well as our artists, uses extremely clean and sanitary procedures to help avoid any infection complications.