Tattoo Cover Ups – Think Before You Ink!

Cover up process from start to finish.

            Cover up process from start to finish.

Think before you ink. It’s a common expression here in the tattoo industry but it’s also sound advice. There are so many people who do not think before committing themselves to something permanent on their bodies. All to often we see men and women with regrettable tattoos. They were intoxicated, or didn’t research the meaning of a symbol, were very young, perhaps it is an ex loved ones name. No matter the reason, they are now stuck with a tattoo they no longer desire to have on their bodies.

An alarming percentage of tattoo cover ups come from individuals who made the ultimate mistake and got a tattoo from someone who runs them from home. Non professional tattoos create a number of health risks. Most people don’t realize the dangers or most common mistakes made by a unlicensed “tattooer”  during a home tattoo. If they were aware of just how terribly wrong it could go, no one would ever get a tattoo out of someone’s dirty kitchen or basement. Bacteria, cross contamination, and infection IE: AIDS, HEP B are just a few of the hazards when receiving a tattoo from home. Should an infection arise, you’ll have no recourse because a home tattooer or “scratcher” wont have any records considering what he/she is doing is about 10 kinds of ILLEGAL. The very best scenario in this situation is you don’t like the “new and cheap tattoo” and realize at some point WILL need to be covered up!!

Harley cover up

                          Harley cover up

When this happens, there are basically two options, either an expensive laser removal session(s) or a tattoo cover up. Covering a tattoo can sometimes be a challenge depending on the size, location, and design. It is important that you spend some time and really think about the tattoo you are wanting to get. Coming up with an original tattoo idea is essential in creating a piece that is custom for you. If you are having difficulties creating your custom piece, talk with your artist. They are excellent at devising  pieces of body art personalized to their clients vision. Custom tattoos can a bit more expensive, however it is far more expensive having to cover up a poorly done tattoo, or go through the painful laser removal process.

Premier Fort Myers Tattoo Shop’s Classic Car Giveaway

If you want to get a tattoo, or if you have been longing to get an old tattoo, birthmark or scar covered, then now would be a great time to do it, and Fort Myers would be the best place to go. Articulture Studio Z is currently running the “All You Can Sit” tattoo special, and will be giving away a classic 1950 Chevrolet Coupe to one lucky drawing recipient at the end of summer 2013. This will only happen though, if by the end of summer 2013, 399 customers take advantage of the $399 “All You Can Sit” tattoo deal. This promotion is a real bargain for anyone who wants to get a large tattoo, as the artist will work on you for as long as you can sit and receive it. This is a fraction of the cost that a customer would spend elsewhere to get work of comparable magnitude.

Thus far, all of the customers that have purchased the “All You Can Sit” special have been amazed at the amount of high quality work they have received for such a reasonable price. The founder of Articulture Studio Z, John Improta, decided to give away this collector car to elevate the awareness of the public to this great deal.

The deadline for the customer count will be the last day of summer 2013. The requirement for the drawing to take place is that during the designated time frame, at least 399 customers must come in and purchase the “All You Can Sit” special. Those pre-paying for the service or making the required minimum deposit will qualify as well, even if the customer does not get the tattoo right away. For those considering getting a tattoo, or getting correctional cover-up work done over an unwanted tattoo, scar or birthmark, this summer would be a good time to do so. And who knows? Perhaps you could drive away with a 1950 classic Chevrolet Coupe as a result!

If you are getting a tattoo in Fort Myers, Articulture Studio Z is where you will find talented artists who understand your desires, and can make them a reality by helping you create a design or providing you with ideas, then applying them to your body.

For those wishing to see the car that is to be given away in the drawing, it is on display at the Articulture Studio Z Fort Myers Tattoo shop. The shop is located at 1529 Lee Street. It is a state-of-the-art facility, and is unlike any other tattoo establishment in the entire state of Florida. It is highly regarded in the area, and in addition to high quality tattoos, they provide body piercing, logo design, airbrushing and custom artwork.

The interior of the shop is a lounge setting, complete with billiard tables and even special music performances from time to time. Its reputation is that of a shop where other tattoo artists would like to come to get their tattoos done. You and your family members will all feel comfortable in Articulture Studio Z, as there is something for everyone.

To accommodate those that work odd times or night shifts, appointments may be made at Articulture Studio Z 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is just one example of the first rate customer service they offer. It is a simple phone call to schedule an appointment for any hour of the day.

To take advantage of the “All You Can Sit” special and to be entered in the drawing for the 1950 Chevrolet Coupe, contact Articulture Studio at 239-232-1502 or 239-600-7145 and speak to a body art professional.