Treating an Infected Tattoo

Individuals who receive their first tattoo may not realize the importance of the follow up information that they are given once the tattoo artist has completed the design. Within this follow up information the tattoo artist or other tattoo shop representative will provide directions for care. These instructions are important because tattoos are very prone to infection when they are not properly cared for.

To avoid an infected tattoo listen to the instructions provided by your tattoo artist and provide the proper care. New tattoos normally bleed and scab over; this isn’t a sign of infection. Your tattoo artist may advise you of specific signs to look for that could signal infection, but general signs include: redness, pain or swelling on or around the tattoo. Pay close attention during the first few days and watch the new tattoo for signs of infection. If you suspect an infection may have taken hold, consult your tattoo artist. An experienced tattoo artist can determine whether or not the tattoo has become infected.

If your tattoo becomes infected there are appropriate methods of treatment. It is very important to treat the infection immediately in order to avoid damage to the tattoo. If you are dealing with a minor infection, you may be able to provide the necessary treatment at home. Keep it moisturized (Vaseline and A & D Ointment) and covered with sterile gauze. Do not pull or peel off scabs/skin in the tattooed area.

If the infected area doesn’t seem to be improving or if it appears to worsen, you’ll need to consult a doctor to get a prescription antibiotic to fight the infection. For more information on proper tattoo care and/or tattoo infection treatment contact Articulture Studioz.

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