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Articulture Studio Z Tattoo & Body Piercing Shop Fort Myers, Florida. Serving the Lee County community and surrounding areas

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How It All Started

About Articulture Studio Z

Articulture Studio Z is a renowned tattoo and body piercing studio located in the heart of downtown Fort Myers, Florida. Established in 2006, it has become the #1 tattoo shop in Southwest Florida, renowned for its award-winning artwork and exceptional customer service.

At Articulture Studio Z, art and culture collide in a vibrant community setting. The studio offers a wide range of services, including tattoos, piercings, cosmetic tattoos, airbrushing, and custom upholstery. With a team of experienced and talented artists, the studio prides itself on providing outstanding tattoos and high-quality body piercings using surgical-grade steel or titanium.

A Unique Experience

Articulture Studio Z is more than just a tattoo shop; it's a destination for art and entertainment. The studio hosts live events, exhibitions, and the largest Friday the 13th tattoo event in town.[1] Visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere and witness the fusion of art and culture firsthand.

Commitment to Excellence

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Articulture Studio Z has built a reputation for excellence. The studio's artists have won numerous convention awards, showcasing their exceptional skills and creativity.

Articulture Studio Z is dedicated to providing a safe and professional environment, with ATP-certified piercers and a commitment to using only high-quality materials.

Whether you're seeking a unique tattoo, a stylish body piercing, or simply want to experience the artistic energy of Articulture Studio Z, this studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Fort Myers.


How It All Started

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